Thursday, April 16, 2020

Tropical Smoothie Cafe to open in Lincoln Square Kiddie Academy building

A "Now Hiring" sign at the Lincoln Square location of Tropical Smoothie Cafe at 4847 N Lincoln Avenue.  The restaurant was to open in April and shares the new construction building with Kiddie Academy 
We passed the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe on one of our walks this week in Lincoln Square.  The location shares the new construction building with Kiddie Academy where beloved Lincoln Lanes once stood.  It was the first time my wife and I noticed the cafe was coming to town.  It is unclear if the restaurant will still open this month as scheduled. We're looking forward to checking it out when it opens up.

The new Kiddie Academy and Tropical Smoothie Cafe
The building is adjacent to the busy McDonald's. Parents will have to fight off their kids' Happy Meal cravings... the smoothies may come in handy.  I know many neighbors were disappointed a daycare replaced their local neighborhood bowling alley and Matty K's Hardware. Now the spot features two national franchises. When the vacant lot was for sale I was hopeful the entire corner lot shared with the McDonald's would get a re-design with a larger multifaceted development including residential units. 
The McDonald's plaza adjacent to the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Kiddie Academy building.  The large surface parking lot is an eyesore. I hoped the whole plaza would get redeveloped with a larger multi-use concept and residential units.

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