Monday, October 26, 2020

Take me to the river... in North Center!

Many cute signs, crafts and sites along the river path in North Center.  All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
This extraordinary renovation sits adjacent to the river in North Center.

I took some photos of riverfront paths after showings in North Center early last week.  North Center has been a hotbed for single family homes for the better part of twenty years due partly to strong public and private schools.  In the last ten years median prices of a house really soared. Many service, restaurant and athletic amenities have been developed nearby to meet the demand of these higher net-worth residents.

The Chicago River is a natural amenity that makes the North Center community area even more charming. The path between West Irving Park Road and West Montrose Avenue on the east bank winds past North Center houses that back up to the river. Horner Park is across the river on the west.  It's a unique experience living near the river and parks.

The North Center riverfront area sales within North Western Avenue to the Chicago River and West Irving Park Road to West Montrose Avenue.

North Center single family home sales near the river (shaded area above)
People are hanging on to homes in this section of North Center.  The last couple of years have had over half the sales than the two years prior.

Eleven homes have closed this year from January 1st to October 24th this year. The median price of a closed house is about $725,000 for this section of North Center.  That's lower than the whole of North Center (median price of $1,100,000) but reflects a higher percentage older homes sold this year in this section that have yet to be renovated.  In 2019 over the same period, twelve homes sold with a median price of $965,000.

That's less sold than the two years prior. 2018, twenty-two houses closed with a median price of about $830,000. In 2017, Twenty-nine houses sold over the same period with a median price of about $850,000. 

Homes of all types and grandeur back up to the river (some barley hanging on to a triple lot newer construction luxury home) 

No dumping... but do all these other things!

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