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Record $530,000 median price for Bucktown condo sales 2022

We sold 1653 N Cortland #2 last summer in Bucktown for $566,000 in a multiple offer.  All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty and 

We're back in Bucktown looking with a condo buyer client. Last year was hot for our listings and unit sales! It is likely Bucktown 2022 saw a record high for median price.  Let's take a look at sales in 2022 and what's currently on the market.

A look at the general Bucktown neighborhood boundaries and sales from 2022.

Bucktown condo sales (townhomes, attached units) over 2022

245 condo units sold over 2022. The median price of a sold Bucktown condo was a hefty $530,000. This looks to be a record median price according to my research of the past seven years of price growth. Relatively larger and updated condo units represent the neighborhood.  There are few one bedroom condo units nor a true high-rise building. 
Fun facts:
- A two beds, two baths condo median price was about $445,000
- The median price of a condo with a minimum three beds and two baths was about $655,000.

198 condos sold over 2019 (pre-pandemic) for a median price of about $475,000. 
101 condos sold in 2020 with a median price of $490,000
A whopping 340 condos sold in 2021 with a median price of $519,000
Unit sales dropped back down to 245 units sold in 2022 with a high median price of $530,000.

Current sales

At this moment only 26 Bucktown condo units are listed for sale.  Of those only five condos are listed for under $500,000. Nine condo units are currently under contract with a median asking price of almost $700,000.

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