Monday, January 22, 2007

The Chicago blog that wasn't

Market activity has been swift in the New Year already and there are several stories to tell of the early goings. However, since switching to the New Blogger, I have not been able to access my account from home. With the bulk of business in the field, I have not been in the office for a few days... thus the shortage of posts.

Today I'll spend some time catching up on the last two week's action. I've represented several clients in their first purchases, while also selling my home and purchasing a new one. But, it seems my first priority is too get someone (maybe our brokerage's computer gurus) over to my house and get me onto Blogger!

I scanned and I swept, but to no avail. Something must be wrong with my machine. Who will pass on Chicago market knowledge to the masses if I can't log on at 2:00AM to post about Lincoln Square new construction?

I know that you were worried. And I feel humbled. But, before you know it, this problem will be fixed and I'll have tales of the great Northwest Side of Chicago once again.

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