Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Kimball Brown Line station will reopen Friday. Now, for those of you that have never crossed Western Avenue (let alone Ashland), the Kimball Brown Line stop is the end of the line. Many of the area's immgrant workers and new young professionals enter the "magic mystery tour" know as the Brown Line in relative comfort at this stop. Ever wonder how those people got their seats on a packed Tuesday morning? Kimball stop.

Interestingly enough, us Albany Parkers hardly missed the station due to the close proximity of the Kedzie stop that now stretches from North Kedzie Avenue to North Spaulding. However, after the opening of the Kedzie line, the first thing I said was, "Where the heck is all the enclosed shelter?". As the Tribune story makes mention of the Kimball improvements by way of added shelter... it was the least needed here. For starters, it was already covered and there is always a train waiting for you.

Well, welcome back Kimaball. However, with all the added improvements, most notably the ADA compliances to all the stops, it would have been great if they built a few shacks with heat lamps for the stiffs on the platform all along the line... waiting for that regularly scheduled train.

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