Thursday, January 04, 2007

Buying and Selling Chicago Real Estate Like the Pros

I represent clients in purchasing and selling their homes day in and day out. But, what happends when it's my turn?

It's the same. When a Realtor sells and purchases real estate, the process from the marketing, the search, the negotiation to the closing takes the same due dilligence and detail. I have to do what's right for my family as you do for yours in deciding to purchase a home. The more facts the better.

Another similarity is... my wife is my client. I have to understand her needs and what she will enjoy living in. So, I have to listen and try to find place that make sense for her... and then the both of us.

There is one major difference, however. The speed. I will hone in on the property I want and make the decison faster than most clients. This is for several reasons:

1. Preparation. I've met with my mortgage broker and nailed down all my options. Each deal, selling or buying, may change the type of mortgage package you'll want on the ensuing purchase.

2. Knowledge of the market. I have the advantage of viewing properties physically and virtually 24 hours a day (ask my wife... it is 24 hours a day!).

3. No fear. Having the confidence of understanding the current market, I will act on a property with one or two visits.

4. Creativity. I look for creative ways to structure an offer. I don't just see a property and price... I see a world of possibilities and factor this narative into the negotiation.

5. Listen to my own advice based on the facts and emotions involved. When selling, I prepare my home to show as I would ask my clients to. Staging, fixes, paint... It's a must to spend a little to make a lot! When buying, I prepare myself to lose the home. I have a budget, and that's it (unless it's a real deal!). I must, however, be willing to compromise on other issues such as closing date and earnest money.

Bottom line is... I have been through this on a personal level and with clients time and time again. With an open mind, and acting as a team with your Realtor, you'll buy and sell real estate like the PROS.

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