Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Live on the Chicago Transit Authority Red Line, Brown Line, Blue Line? This Buds for you.

Nothing is more lame then trying to spoof a Chicago stereotype to shill a product and not doing it right.

Who could forget the Old Style "Stand Up Comedian" spots during Cub games? They were almost enough to make me pass on an icy cold Old Style (almost).

But Bud Lite just started running "Mr. Apartment next to the L tracks guy" in their salute to Real Men of Genius series.

My favorite line in the jingle goes something like, "You asked your broker for a place near public transportation. How's three feet sound to you?"

I'm yet to see "Mr Apartment next to the L tracks guy" posted online, but HERE is a list of all the others to listen to.

Genius indeed.

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