Monday, March 19, 2007

Three bedroom condos with all the features you want? Must see Ravenswood and Bowmanville

Recently, I have been working with several clients looking to move up into a three bedroom home. These particular clients have lived in the Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods for the past several years. Now, they would like a place in the city where they may start a family, or, at least a home they know they won't out grow in less than five years time.

Does this sound familiar? "We'd like a three bedroom, two bath condo with at least one parking space. It must have good outdoor space, be close to a train down town and dog friendly. We'd like a place for a formal dining table and
we don't want to do any work on the place. Our budget is up to $400,000."

Ravenswood and Bowmanville, within the designated Lincoln Square boundaries, are a must see if this is the type of place you want. I write about this area often due to high the quality of life, proximity to the Damen and the Montrose Brownline stops, the Ravenswood Metra station, parks, and proximity to the Lincoln Square and Andersonville enetertainment and retail districts. Plus, Ravenswood itself has seen many successful coffee shops, restauraunts and bars along Damen, Wilson and Sunnyside and Lawrence streets. Perfect Cup for coffee, Over Easy for brunch, Sabor a Cuba, Caro Mio and Spacca Napoli for dinner... these without even walking a few more minutes to Clark St, or Lincoln Avenue for many, many more choices.

But specifically, this area offers the best option for three bedroom condos for just under or over $400,000. Just this weekend I viewed two listings new on the market: one at the 4800 block of North Paulina and one at the 2000 block of West Farragut. These were large three bedroom condos with everything you could want. Located very close to the Metra train stop and under 3/4 of a mile from two Brown Line stops. Basically, I was impressed with the location and condition of the homes. Very usable floor plans, parking, exterior storage, and large common living spaces. Master suites and nice decks...both on quiet residential streets in small buildings. These condos were priced at $399,000 and will sell quickly close to that price (depending who is negotiating for you!).

There are also new construction three bedroom units available closer to the Lincoln Square hub for the very low $400s. These are larger buidings (24 to 32 units) but do include garage parking. There are three particular developments at the 4900 block of North Western, the 2200 block of West Lawrence, and the 5057 N block of Lincoln Ave. that may be purchased pre-construction and will deliver eith later this year or early 2008. Getting in now means buying the best placed units and negotiating the best upgrade packages... once a certain number are sold and the building proves hot, the deals go bye bye!

Just a few observations from this past couple weeks. If looking three bedroom homes in the best neighborhoods for $400K, Ravenswood, Bowmanville (and even Lincoln Square for a little more), are true considerations.

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