Thursday, May 31, 2007

Remodeling your Chicago home after purchase

My clients are in the midst of a Lincoln Park single family home purchase and will begin remodeling shortly after. I have strong relationships with several service vendors, including Jon Hill, owner, Artistic Construction. My current clients did not know where to start and leaned on me to provide people quickly to estimate remodeling costs and get the job done. We met at the home early yesterday to evaluate the work and brainstorm ideas.

The photos show Jon measuring stair and ledge rails. My clients are thinking of replacing the rails for a different look and for child safety reasons. Jon suggested building four to five foot walls with decorative glass or iron work on the tops. This will make the hallway, stair and dining area ledges safer, add a cool look, and keep the sight line open for this contemporary home.

Jon Hill can be reached for remodeling needs at:
Artistic Construction

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