Friday, May 04, 2007

Who is buying Chicago real estate? The needy...

So my new condo building "developer turn-over" meeting turns into a raging party Thursday evening (if I didn't answer your call or email... now you know). Turns out, everyone in our intimate six unit Ravenswood hamlet can GET IT DONE when you light up the bar-b-que and pass around the Peroni and Mondavi. I know, I know, Mondavi... it was a house warming gift. Even mom and dad (us truly) can still get it done.

During one of the rapid rounds of conversation, my next door neighbor asked me soemthing like "what you think about real estate now that things are going sideways". He meant, "things are bad, what are you going to do to feed your kid?"

Funny thing is, he asked this at a party (er... meeting) of six recent real estate consumers. Real estate changes my friends, but doesn't go away. In fact, it's as dynamic as you get.

I promptly let him know this is a career. Good Realtors, if you will, are not timing the market... jumping into real estate when the market's "hot" and getting out for a 9 to 5 when it's "not". Career Realtors know there are people that NEED to buy and sell a home every day, every week, every year. I mean this country is founded on property ownership to an extent (took Europe a long time to catch up... and they are still catching up). And those NEED circumstances are universal... never going away.

I know this because of the 16 hour days I work (weekends too) from January until October with a little get-a-way here and there. Just ask my kid. On second thought, don't ask my kid. He probably thinks I'm the handy-man stopping by the house once- in-a-while.

What am I getting at? Work with someone my broker calls a Career Realtor. The only timing we know is its TIME to get it DONE when you're in NEED of a home.

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