Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tough time to come in low

I have had several clients offer somewhat low on properties and sellers are holding out. It's been a long couple weeks of writing, researching, talking... late nights making sure I'm not missing something. But who can blame my clients? There is alot of negative talk about the market and everyone wants a steal. Problem is, the reality does not play out this way. Homes in desirable areas will not be given away. Period. Fire sales are rare... if you do spot one, you have to trust yourself (and me when I tell you to jump) and jump. But again, tis is rare.

I wonder if any of these sellers will come back to us. I see a lot of buyers coming in pretty strong too when a property just hits the market- only to have the sellers get a little over confident and test the waters. Usually sits after that.

How to break this cycle?

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