Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How "Elmo game" and walks saved a Ravenswood Realtor

Geez... is it Wednesday already?

Tuesdays are daddy day with Ryne... where I suppose I can "get some work done" while spending my day at home with my son. Now, we consider ourselves lucky; Jill and I each stay home a full week-day with the boy. Makes it easy to know I just don't schedule appointments that day. My partners do my listing showings and I'm actually forced to take a day off for other purposes.

But, I'm not going to lie to ya... work goes on and I sometimes desperately attempt to move the football forward on deals and property searches.

In comes the "Elmo Game".

This kid just goes nuts for this toy... ever since he was two months old. There are little songs, moving parts and lights. I get a solid 20 minutes each time I set him down in front of it. He can either lay under it looking up or face it on his stomach for tummy time.

The other way I sneak some local work in... walks around Ravenswood, Andersonville and Lincoln Square. These are my specialty neighborhoods due to proximity. I walk, he sleeps... I snap pictures for the blog, check out the new Andersonville restaurants, Ravenswood single family homes, Lincoln Square rehabs and retail.

Thanks Elmo.

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