Monday, July 09, 2007

I hate my bathroom vanities and sinks

We bought a duplex-down in North Ravenswood about four months ago now. The home is in a conversion of an existing building built in 1925... gut rehabbed and gone condo.

By the time I found the unit (it was unlisted) the baths had been done. The tile work is really good... maybe not my first choice, but good work. However, the vanity cabinets are cheap and the granite tops/sink bowl combo just does not function well... bad design.

Basically, you can't use the sink without constantly splashing water all over it. The sink bowl is undermount, so the flat granite tops get messy with water/soap etc... There is no pitch on the surface, so water does not flow back to the bowl, but rather to the sides, back... all over the top.

We have to constantly clean up the water and it's not easy.

I feel I negotiated a great deal on the place. It was the space and layout perfect for a longer term stay with a growing family. However, the sink and vanity thing has made itself evident... I didn't pick up on this when purchasing the home. If so, I would have insisted on changing things out for an agreed upon price.

When you own a few homes, design becomes an obsession. At least for me.

So, even though I just bought the place newly converted just months ago, do I replace the vanity and sink bowl with the real deal? The existing materials used are cheap, so I would not be taking a big step back... it's just the labor cost really. I will not be doing this myself.

I can't stand the sloppy vanity top! What would you do?

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