Monday, July 16, 2007

Chicago Open House Stories

I hosted an open house for my clients yesterday at 2333 W St Paul, #305 in Bucktown. It was a busy afternoon with about 6 groups coming in specifically off advertising to see the penthouse duplex condo. I have been very busy with showing requests, Internet inquiries and clients wanting to see property... so Sunday's open house confirmed that people are out, wanting to buy property after the July 4th holiday. We should have a pretty hot Chicago market in the second half... at least I'll keep busy.

One person who came in off the signs I had scattered about wants to buy a place for under $300K, close to the Blue Line (or train line easy to downtown), has two bedrooms, parking, washer/dryer and central air/heat.

This is the challenge... starting from scratch with a client and really locating a great fit. Sounds cheesey, but it's a serious endeavor, if not satisfying. It's a persoanl rush to meet a new client looking for something specific and reasonable. She stated "I just want the best place I can get with those features". The new client is from the suburbs and has an idea of some city neighborhoods, but not expertise. She is commuting downtown, so getting closer to the city is priority for her.

I suggested Bucktown would be tough to get a decent place at the price, but I knew of a great West Loop/Printer's Row condo with one bed plus den, parking included for $264,000 or so. The place is right on the Clinton Blue Line stop, in her budget and she could actually walk to work.

We will look in several different places like Avondale (near the Belmont stop), Logan Square (near the Logan stop), and maybe even Old Irving. But the this West Loop location is one she never thought of. And I think it makes the most sense.

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