Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chicago Parking for Dummies

Some of the few goofs in Lincoln Square saving "their" parking spots after last week's snow.

Let this be known as the shot heard around Giddings Square.

In case your new to "Da Nort Side" some entitled meatheads (and Mrs. Meatheads) feel they can secure, save, reserve, and basically claim a parking spot in the public way because they dug their car out of the snow.

I find this practice so idiotic that I almost ruined Christmas two years ago arguing with an Auntie In-Law about its merits; she in the pro, me in the con. In a past life, in a past condo, on a past street, I tossed the furniture into one entitled neighbor's front yard who also thought they owned the street in front of his/her building.

What kills me is that this is many times perpetrated by homeowners that own parking spots, be it the garage and/or a drive way. So let me get this straight: We all pay taxes. We all park on public Chicago streets. We all get snowed on. We all shovel our cars out. But you have “rights” to that spot?
As a home owner, parking space owner, and continued street parker I implore you to quit this practice. Get your furniture out of the street.

Merry Christmas. Dummy.

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Anonymous said...

this is a common practice though.people born and raised in Chicago have been digging out their parking spots and marking them since the 1930's