Sunday, December 02, 2007

Raising a Family in a Ravenswood Condo

This is one of the more emotional subjects I've come across. How long can you keep your kids here in Chicago before fleeing to the suburbs? If you can't afford a nice house or even a three bedroom condo in a good public school attendance district, what can you do? It's easy to get priced out.

What is enough space and where do you get it? Is it worth being in Northwest Chicago or should you pick a suburb?

Here is a great conversation I took part in this past week. I'd like to hear more from you if you're dealing with these choices.
My wife and I chose a duplex condo in Ravenswood Chicago rather than a house to get the neighborhood we wanted. Otherwise, we would have had to buy a house farther Northwest in the City such as Sauganash or Norwood Park. Maybe later.

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