Friday, December 21, 2007

Great Restaurant Corners in Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square on Chicago's North Side has no loss for great corners. If you can find the scratch to get into a single family home for say $750,000 and up (and up fast) you will get your hearts content in restaurants and retail. It's also one of those places where you can walk the main drag, get all your Christmas shopping done and get hammered in between.

This is the corner of North Lincoln Ave. and West Wilson. On the southwest corner you'll find the the busiest of meeting up, eating up and drinking up places; the Daily Bar and Grill. I've been here a good dozen times over the past couple years. Decent bar food, better than decent fries and a few screens to keep an eye on the game. The place keeps a laid back hipster/musician/local vibe... not too preppy. It has a great outdoor patio in the summer (which now doubles as a Christmas Tree lot).

On the northwest corner, you'll bump into Fiddlehead Cafe. This place has stuck and it seems people enjoy it. We have not sampled yet, but one day when Ryne can sit still in a restaurant... It has a somewhat more refined feel and seems to draw the families visting their kids who live in the city. I'd like to hear more about it.

On the northeast corner is Essence of India. Nuff said. Popular Northern Indian cuisine. It also has a patio in the summer and scene here is pretty cool for the foodie, nerd hipster and the locals.

And how can you have a great corner without Starbucks? That's on the southeast corner. Gotta love the huge bathroom to change the kid. The Old Town School of Folk Music students and staff definately call themselves regulars. And top notch baristas as usual.

And this has been great corners in Lincoln Square

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