Friday, February 01, 2008

The New and the Old in Lincoln Square Single Family Homes

It was Daddy Day Care Day once again and Ryne and I were out on our walk despite the snow. The weather was quite charming... snowflakes falling, temps pretty good. Ryno was wrapped in his snow suit, so no worries there. He always falls asleep.

Anywho, I've walked by this house above on many an occasion and quite like it. It's definitely had some restoration work. But, it has it's original look and brick I reckon and was probably built on the backs of the original owner.

Walk down the street a bit on Giddings in Lincoln Square and you come across this beauty below. Looks terrific and is a good example of building a huge house that fits in the neighborhood. I'm not crazy about the windows, but it's very appealing in general.

Think they were inspired by an original down the street?

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