Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chicago Loves Outdoor Space

This has been one of the more miserable winters in recent memories. All the more reason to enjoy your "outdoor space" in Chicago this "spring" and "summer". Why all the quotes?

Well, when did the term "outdoor space" enter the Chicago real estate lexicon? Every good Realtor knows what this means... and the real estate consumer has made "outdoor space" a requirement.

We all know why I put "spring" and summer" in quotes... like we have those.

The brand new deck above belongs to one of my lovely clients who purchased in East Lakeview. She agrees with me. I'd rather have a killer deck than a second bath... even in a winter like this.

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Dan Rafter said...

Hi, Eric:

I'm a writer and editor who covers a lot of residential real estate. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog. I'm amazed at how few real estate agents operate blogs that are truly local. Most I've found seem to focus only on national news or tired topics that people can read just about anywhere.

Keep your fingers crossed that we're really in spring, and that the slight increase in home sales we saw in February keeps growing.

Continued good luck with your blog.

Dan Rafter