Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Paying Parking Tickets in Chicago

Here's a shot I took at dusk yesterday from my office parking deck in Lincoln Park. I like parking here because I always have a spot and the view is great. The little glimpse of sun inspired me as I headed out to appointments. Life is good.

Life is not so good when you come back to your car with and discover a parking ticket. As a Realtor in Chicagoland, I'm no stranger to parking tickets. But one thing Chicago does well is give parking tickets and then make it easy for you to pay them. Check out the link for the City of Chicago where you can pay The Man or dispute your ticket (beat The Man).
I just paid my last ticket. I was ticketed for parking in front of a school during restricted hours... while I was voting at the polling place in the school!! Thanks Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I'm a fellow Chicago Realtor as well, who happens to get a ton on of parking tickets. Quick question, do you write them off? I mean, if you get a parking ticket while on the job, I feel you should be able to.

Eric Rojas said...

If you're writing off parking tickets, I'd stay anonymous too.