Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Lakeview Condo Listing Featured in Apartment Therapy!

Read the post at ApartmentTherapy.com

They did a write up of my listing at 543 W Roscoe in East Lakeview. Check out the comments... laugh, cry, cringe.


Molly said...

I read your blog and I read AT, and I can see why some readers were upset. I think they overreacted, but it is troubling to read through a post only to find out that it is, at least in part, an advertisement.

I think the problem could've been avoided if the editor had indicated that the apartment is for sale before the jump.

Have to say I think you exacerbated the problem with your defensive response.

I love modern kitchens, but I agree that this one looks too sterile. A bowl of green apples, a colorful dish towel, or some fresh herbs would help enormously. Ditto for the bathroom. I do appreciate the listing of resources.
The living room doesn't really look
cohesive or conducive to conversation. I would add matching armchairs and rearrange the layout so that they faced the sofa. I don't think the full potential of this unit is being realized.


Eric Rojas said...

Hi Molly,
Thanks for reading and your comments are constructive. You would know then as a reader I have very little concern for "flame wars". I don't have time usually to reat to anonymous commentators.

Of course I was defensive in this case. I over-react to everything and can't stand rejection. That's why I'm a Realtor. But seriously, the comments by an anonymous (of course) nuni deserved an answer. This commentor also suggested the Chicago market is really soft... The generalizations are worthless commentary. The East Lakeview market is very strong and we received an initial offer on this unit already for a record price for the building in less than 60 days. This person is obviously upset very easily if he/she takes the time to complain about a blog post and myself.
AT is a great site and offers something for most interested in homes, design and real estate. My blog was also critisized for some reason by this same commentator. I've been writing it for over two years it's very transparent and far from a sales pitch. Every comment I make in the blogosphere is relevant to the post and is linked to my information.

There is no doubting that this condo is unique and people viewing have enjoyed it, hated it, commented on it so AT chose wisely. Everyone has finite means and time for decor and other concerns... green apples sometimes not a priority in a busy life. Anonymous overly critical comments calling this a "flip", inferring a hidden agenda, and attacking AT deseved a response I think, defensive or not.

On another note, I wish I could write a better blog. There is soooo much I want to do with it. But business and family are good, so I do what I can considering the time restraints and that I post everything personally.