Monday, March 02, 2009

Evan Williams of on Charlie Rose

Dont be left behind

I'm a nerd who watches the Jim Lehrer Hour, Chicago Tonight and Charlie Rose like some people watch American Idol... religiously. I'm also a nerd smart enough to set up camp blogging four years ago. Not because I was a tech nerd; I'd never blogged or wrote HTML code before. Rather, I had to get found and get an edge in a sea of Realtors.

WatchEvan Williams was on Charlie Rose last week in a terrific interview. He explains how users push the envelope and create new outlets for his invention. I have a Twitter account but have not "employed it" just yet. However, I've been using the same principals he talks about; communicating how people like to communicate and finding new ways to USE the mediums.

I'm far from the first, but I bet I'm an early real estate texter, emailer and certainly blogger. Why? Because clients want to text, email and read blogs.


Anonymous said...

good post. I am new to the blogging, and always trying to learn. Saw the video you, I just cant keep up with these new platforms. your advise is good and solid, I will be checking in continuously to see if I can pick up any other good points. I like the way you show listings on your site..good crisp photos. sort of like Curbed, if you get a chance, visit my blog and any and all recommendations are very very welcome. cheers Thomas

Eric Rojas said...

Your site looks great. Very professional.. my site takes a little more a of a personal, day to day approach to my business. I think your site has a ton of great information and the group you have looks really involved.

I think you will get a link!

As for Twitter and other platforms... it all comes down to what works for your business model, how you use it... and what you like!