Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Realtor Mulit-Tasking: From Margate Park to Ravenswood Manor to Albany Park to Dunning

My trusty sidekick went to work with me today. It was my day "home" with Ryne, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, he's a good worker.

We always start our day checking email at breakfast. That's my blankie.

Then we were off to 4250 N Marine Drive in Buena Park to make sure my listing was ready for showing later in the day. Looked great. Rye Guy tried out the reading chair in the master bedroom.

We zipped over to Ravenswood Manor to walk through a friend's two flat... he's thinking of listing.

We then walked a few blocks to Whipple and Leland on the east edge of Albany Park to my two-flat listing coming back on the market next week. We had to meet the floor-plan guy and my photographer.

Ryne chased the cat and inspected the fire place (inoperable).

We swung back home for nap time (I answered calls and emails), then it was hang out time until mom got home.

Quick dinner and off to Portage Park/Dunning for a 7:30PM showing of my house listing.

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