Thursday, April 30, 2009

5 Reasons to Live in Northeast Albany Park

Yes, there is a northeast portion of Albany Park distinct from the rest of Albany Park. This is due to a great amount of infrastructure and amenity. Here's 5 reasons to live within the boundaries of 4600 N (W. Wilson) -5200 (W. Foster) and 3000 W (N. Sacramento) -3400 W (N.Kimball) in Albany Park (besides being adjacent to Ravenswood Manor and close to Lincoln Square):

1. Transportation. This area boasts several CTA Brown Line stops at Kimball, Kedzie and Francisco within walking distance. If you are located on the Northern border of Foster Avenue, the Foster bus will take you where you need to go. A bus line on Lawrence is also very convenient to Lincoln Square or all the way to the lake. It's also easy to get out to the highways just west.

2. Proximity to North Park University and Northeastern Illinois University. These are two respected schools that allow you to progress your professional and creative life... right in your neighborhood! Both have real quads and that special felling of academia and student life.

3. Coffee and groceries. Plenty of major (Starbucks) and local (Beans and Bagels) coffee shops and local grocery stores like Harvest Time on Lawrence and Andy's Fruit Ranch on Kedzie. When I lived in the neighborhood, my wife an I saved a lot of money walking to these stores, rather than driving to Jewel. We always spend more at Jewel!

4. The Parks. River Park between Lawrence and Foster is packed with amenities. Awesome track, tennis courts, huge outdoor pool, kids' water playground, ball fields and a river path that connects to Legion Park across Foster... and all the way to Evanston.

5. Home prices. Even with the great amount of infrastructure and amenity, home prices have dipped to very affordable levels when compared to average incomes. The median price of a move-in quality single family home in this section of the neighborhood is under $400,000. There is a diverse stock of condos, single family homes and two and three-flats in all kinds of conditions and prices. From fully renovated to distressed property opportunities for investors and handyman owners.

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chicago office space said...

I used to live pretty close to that area too in Lincoln Square, It's progressed a lot through the years.