Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are there any FHA eligible condos out there?

Love the terrace... but is the condo FHA eligible?

It's Saturday night 10PM... new baby is sleeping (for now) and I'm trying to find my first time buyers FHA loan eligible condo units before the first time buyer's tax credit goes away November 30th. Par-Tay! I'm barley hanging on tonight while staring at the MLS and every other property outlet I can think of. It's been a very busy month, let alone the new addition to the family.

I'm suggesting clients have an accepted deal by the second week of October at the latest to close by the second week of November. The end of November could be a nightmare to try and close a deal due to Thanksgiving and the crunch of deals pending.

It's needle in the haystack time. The right condo, priced well and FHA eligible with two weeks left on the clock. Geez.


Nicolas said...

its unfortunate how difficult it is to find FHA approved, let alone spot approved eligible condos. most of the time it requires a lot of leg wk on the buying side, because a ton of listing agents make no mention whatsoever in remarks, nor the financing portion of the mls. Nick

Eric Rojas said...

Nicolas, well put.