Friday, September 04, 2009

Lincoln Square features top notch housing, breastfeeding

Grab yerrrr pitchforks...there be a breast feeder among us!

Yes, buy a great home and breastfeed to your heart's content in Lincoln Square. About three dozen or so moms staged a sit-in of sorts to counter recent "negative comments" suffered about their public breastfeeding.

My wife wasn't there, but had she known about this... she would have been. As active parents of two (one a newborn), we get out and walk, shop, dine, and contribute hefty taxes to our family friendly community of Ravenswood/Lincoln Square. You're damn right we'll (she'll) breastfeed in the public way any time that kid starts chirping. We call it chripin', some might call it wailing. Whatever.

For crying-out-loud, we're talking about feeding babies here. Moms are not going to relegated to the stinky small "bathroom". Hippie, yuppie, left, right... whoever; don't mess with moms. If everything is peaceful, what's the problem?

In case you were wondering, the median price for a single family home in Lincoln Square for the second quarter of 2009 was $545,000.

This blog post made me hungry!

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Costa Rica Retirement said...

Great post, loved the ´don´t mes with moms´phrase lol