Thursday, September 03, 2009

Taza for Ravenswood/Bowmanville coffee and deli

For two years now I have been passing by Taza Coffee and Deli at Foster and Damen in my neighborhood without going in. Which, as a coffee shop guy, is hard to explain. Now, it's a regular spot for me. Free wi-fi, good food selection, nice people working there and decent outdoor seating in front. It's an "English garden" level store, which gives it a cool east coast old city feel. I seem to always equate garden level bars and coffee shops with New York, Boston and of course, London. Even reminds me of a place in Athens, Georgia... but I digress.

I was told the coffee shop is owned by two teachers (one I think at Amundson High School across the street and one a university professor). They get a good lunch crowd from the school.

I hope they have a long and prosperous business and become an anchor to the furthest corner of the North Ravenswood neighborhood. Good product and attention to the surrounding cafe atmosphere will always bring people back.

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