Tuesday, January 26, 2010

4934 N Hamilton...Sorry Lincoln Square, you'll have to wait for luxury

The market time for this home on the MLS suggested about 600 days. You'll have to wait a little longer.

This new construction big dog near my home and Winnemac Park went off the market the 1st of this year... at an asking price of $1,399,000. It fits nicely among the existing homes on the block. Great, family friendly block for sure. And with six bedrooms, you can have a few of those families move in with you.

We saw a few other million plus homes sell at the end of 2009 in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood... however, at $1,399,000 0n a 30x120 ft lot north of Lawrence, this may expensive among it's peers in 2010. A look at the market over the last year shows the highest closed home price North of Lawrence in 2009 for the Lincoln Square Community area 8004 at $962,000 (a modern converted two flat on a 30X150 lot at 4920 N Wolcott).

Anyone know what the status is? Will this be back on the market soon?

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