Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lakeview, Lincoln Park town homes under $500,000? A face only a mother could love

Town homes under $500,000 are a great option in Lakeview and even Lincoln Park. You can get your two or three bedrooms, a flexible family room and perhaps a utility/storage room. Many times a garage too...attached or detached. But, shield your eyes... these brick boxes spared no utilitarian expense. Function over form for sure. These are a couple examples my clients and I viewed last weekend.

These aren't too bad. I forgot to shoot the real "lookers".


Unknown said...

I can see how townhomes might be a good option for some because you get more space than a condo, however, it's a very vertical layout making for not a lot of open space. Also, the patio pit in the front doesn't appeal to me and I think you summed up the architecture very well in the title of the post.

Eric Rojas said...

One of the photos is of a town house on the 3700 block of North Kenmore. It's actually a really good deal listed at $400K and I'm looking for another client for it... 4 levels, finished family room, huge storage, garage parking. Main drawbacks in the layout were tiny kitchen (kitchen and dining room have their own level). However, for the price, there is plenty of room in the budget to renovate. Secondly, the two upstairs bedrooms are small and closet space isn't very good.

However, the main floor was pretty open and bright. The utility in this place was really a value for the price, and it's clean.

My client's finace did not like the front terrace sitting out in the front on Kenmore... not private enough for her with the thought of Cub's fans swarming the hood on game days. You could hi-five people walking by.

One other small drawback was the second bath was on the same level as the kitchen/dining room. Guests would have to climb stairs to use the bath... weird spot for it, but again, not a big deal.

Jenkins said...

In general, do Lincoln Park townhomes carry association fees, the way condos or suburban townhomes do? If so, what kind of monthly fees can I expect to pay for a $500k townhome, a $750k, $1,000k, etc.?

Eric Rojas said...


The asking price of the town home does not determine association fees. If the town home development is organized as a condo association with assessments, the assessment is based on the actual cost of maintaining the common elements of the development and the over-all budget of the association.

So, a $1M town home can have a $150.00 assessment and a $500,000 town home can have a $300.00.

I've seen plenty of town homes at the same asking price have huge variations in assessment.

If you have specific questions, please contact me off the blog at my email or office number (posted on the blog sidebar, or, google me). If you are interested in properties, I'll need to establish a relationship and see what your goals are.

Thanks for reading!