Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Forget a house, I want a condo!

How about a nice Lincoln Park duplex condo in Abraham Lincoln Elementary school district adjacent to Oz Park?

I had a refreshing conversation today with a relocating client from the East Coast. They were in Manhattan, had a couple kids and bought an ancient house in a tony suburb...and hate it.
Knowing their budget and emphasis on schools I began to mention single family homes on the North Shore and he stopped me right there. No houses! Turns out, these folks know themselves well and want the unique urban lifestyle Chicago offers on the North Side. Oh, and hold the house maintenance please.

Well, from one duplex condo owner with two kids shunning a house to another... let's do this! They'll see a steady diet of town homes and duplexes in the Blaine, Lincoln Park and Bell elementary school districts. We already opined coming from the East Coast, these will feel huge and luxurious. Amen to that.

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