Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chicago Realtor rides bike on Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

I try and ride my bike as often as possible while working. Today, I rode over to a photo shoot of a new listing and to pick up some keys. Other than horrifying the Ravenswood neighborhood with my blinding white legs, it's a great way to work, get exercise and reduce my "carbon footprint". If you're a buyer open to riding bicycles rather than driving to condo or house showings, just let me know!

I make no claims to be greener than thou and I do drive an SUV. However, riding just makes a lot of sense when showing property, doing photo shoots, running errands...all in a days work. My partner Bob walks and takes public transportation for most of our day to day activities outside of buyer property showings.

Check out this Associated Press story I'm quoted in about riding as a Realtor.

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