Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rare contemporary home in Lincoln Park facing the lakefront

Can you spot it?

Late 19th century and turn of the century period architecture (20th century that is) defines eastern Lincoln Park, Chicago at the Lakefront. It's rare that you see a contemporary single family home and even more rare when one changes hands right on the lakefront park system.

Walking home from the zoo a couple weeks ago, I remembered this home at 2474 N Lakeview recently sold for $4,000,000 at the end of 2009. Alien to its neighbors, yet somehow unpretentious in its landscape, the 1991 custom built home faces Lincoln Park just north of West Fullerton Avenue.

You can view a video of the interior of the home aired by NBC a few years ago by clicking the link.


Anonymous said...

The art inside of this house was my favorite part. The owner was a Sara Lee heiress. There was a personalized Picasso in the bathroom and a giant Andy Warhol on the stairs!

Eric Rojas said...

Picasso in the bathroom!
On another note, the home was listed in 2003 for $9M and went back on the market in 2006 for $6.9M and remained on until this sale.

I wonder if the new owner negotiated some art pieces in the deal.

Peter said...

I've always hated this house. It looks so out of place sandwiched between the Wrigley Mansion and another old mansion. It would be fine in a newer suburb but is an eyesore in that location.

Eric Rojas said...

Although a bit of a fortress, it sits back within the exisiting buildings. I would have gone a little more mid-century modern with more natural elements... but passing by, the color of the home helps to recess or set-back the house.

I'm yet to find newer suburbs doing contemporary... they usually mimic colonial and American Four Square! This house would not be out of the ordinary east of Clark, but right on the lakefront park system is something. I wonder how the zoning and approval process went in 1990 for Mrs Sara Lee!?