Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Quarter 2010 condo unit sales way up in our key neighborhoods

Many key neighborhoods we work in saw dramatic condo unit sales increases over the dismal first quarter of 2009. Consumer confidence is up combined with lower asking prices, low interest rates and the positive affect of the federal first time buyer's credit.

According to our and Chicago Association of Realtor's statistics (of which I'm a member of both), here's the percentage increases in several of our key community area in First Quarter 2010:

Lincoln Park +147%
Lakeview +35%
Lincoln Square +71%
Northcenter +87%
Near North Side +37%
Irving Park +32%
West Town +24%
Loop +101%

Albany Park +300%

These statistics represent one of many, many variables we use to advise in selling and buying homes in Chicago. Other factors may be much more significant concerning your location and property of interest.

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