Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bagel and a beer: Bagel on Damen

Bagel on Damen is the new food thing in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Lincoln Square. They have a powerful proposition... a bagel joint on the CTA Brown Line (literally), creative menu and beer. The Ravenswood area is a craft beer kind-a- town so the six pack mix selections offered (not to mention Bloody Marys) will cater to the local.

I think they will do pretty well as there was not a quality, quick "hand food" option around the Damen Brown Line other than Quiznos.

People have responded to good food in Ravenswood along Damen such as the likes of Overeasy Cafe and Fountainhead.


. said...

Now we just need an "open late for dessert" kind of place on Damen, and I'd be set. The only half-way decent spot for that kind of stuff is Julius Meinl on Lincoln...but more options would be nice.

Eric Rojas said...

Andersonville has the lock on dessert along with Cafe Selmarie in the Square. It's tough to compete with the two major restaurant strips on Clark and Lincoln. North Damen Ave between Montrose and Foster (depending on where you are) has just enough services and food though if you don't want to walk the extra 3-6 blocks.

. said...

Do you have a few suggestions for places in Andersonville? We live in Ravenswood, but when my wife and I want dessert later in the evening we usually head all the way down to Greektown (Artopolis), so Andersonville is a much closer option.

And I agree, Damen (we live a block off of it) does have just enough services, but I'm always up for some more options within walking distance.