Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lincoln Park's West DePaul: Mini restaurant, bar boom

Spend a whole evening right here... Sprout Restaurant or Via Carducci for dinner, Small Bar for craft beers and soccer before or afterward.

The Western portion of Lincoln Park seems to be having a business boom... old and new hot spots are clustered along West Fullerton Avenue at Southport.
These popular bars and restaurants in Lincoln Park's West DePaul neighborhood raise the sophistication level, making the West Fullerton corridor a busier and more festive destination than ever.

Expect a line on the weekends at Faith and Whiskey located at Fullerton and Southport.

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Matt W said...

Great to see. In addition the Crossing Just opened up on Southport and Wrightwood in the old Southport City Saloon space.

Eric Rojas said...

Matt, my business partner and I were at the Crossing last week or so. I had the mini-burgers, liked the seating and TV screens.

No cheap beer specials on a weeknight though...dislike!