Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Row homes at Howe and Dickens: Lincoln Park or San Francisco?

The nineteenth century corner row house shown in the photo below recently re-sold for $1,2500,000 this past summer.

Bob had to stop and snap this photo of row homes that transported him to San Francisco... if only for a moment! North Howe Street from West Dickens (overlooking the south end of Oz Park) to West North Avenue is no stranger to classic row homes catching over a million dollars.

Still a bargain compared to San Francisco's real estate market. Although, we must admit daydreaming a bit while avoiding certain death by ice on a 20 degree day!

Nob Hill row homes

Beautiful cityscape view from row houses in San Francisco.

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Anonymous said...

Knob Hill = Do you mean Nob Hill?

Eric Rojas said...

Yes. That was a typo.