Thursday, March 10, 2011

Show ready?

One of our clients shared a little story with us. She was looking at properties on a third party web site and noted to herself that one place looked like it was one of our listings from the photos. And, it was. The point is that my business partner and I really work hard with our clients to get a home as "show ready" as possible. The photos and showings usually reflect this.

However, the market is picking up now. There is a case to made for some properties and sellers to list as soon as possible even if some work still needs to be done. If we feel there will be market demand for your property and price, serious buyers can make the decision to purchase based on the space, location, price etc... The real buyers know what they want and have a goal. They don't need perfection or a staged property. They need location, price, and space that fits their goals.

The dirty little secret is Bob and I have sold properties quickly before we could even post interior photos on the MLS. That secret is we didn't sell anything. The property was priced right in the right location and the buyers showed up. We just had the sense to get it on the market ASAP. The only catch is the buyer's expectation of price, condition and location still needs to met.

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