Monday, March 14, 2011

Watch the Video! Wicker Park home sales in early 2011

After shooting a video for one our new listings in the Wicker Park neighborhood of West Town, Joe Askins of and I took a stroll to check out a couple homes under contract. Watch the video below for descriptions:

I looked at the Wicker Park neighborhood boundaries of 1000 North to 1500 North and 1600 West to 2400 West for 2011 (I cheated a little south on the boundary to 1000 North rather than stopping at Division as people buy homes close to Division for the Wicker Park action).

So far this year 14 homes have closed or are currently under contract in Wicker Park for a median price of about $650,000 . The lowest closed house was 2233 W Augusta for $325,000 (again, stretching the boundaries south) and the highest closed home was 1439 N Elk Grove at $1,475,000.

The house in the video at 1956 W Evergreen has closed for a price of $1,250,000 since the filming. That's considerably below the $1,699,000 asking price and after 156 days on the market (without price changes). The home last was bought for $825K in 2008 prior to the extensive renovations.

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