Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video: "The wood work" in a classic Oak Park house

A couple weeks ago I called to schedule a showing for a vintage home in Oak Park on a nice lot on Ridgeland Avenue. Since I got an actual agent on the phone (and not a scheduling service that's typical), I asked if the sellers were serious about moving the vacant house. They had been priced well over $400,000 for the one bathroom house when first listed. They were now priced at $389,000 and on the market for almost 6 months. Basically, I was gauging the ability and flexibility to sell a home I thought was over-priced for the features, condition and location.

After asking about these factors, the agent asked if I "had ever been to Oak Park?". Pause, awkward silence. I said yes. "Oh, the woodwork" she said along with some other things. Pause. Then she said that the group of children selling the home for the parents were now more realistic etc... Bingo.

Anyway, the house was pretty cool but a pretty big project too. Alas, it sits waiting for a buyer and my clients are under contract on another house. Here's a quick video I shot of the home. It's not the best video, but you do see some of that woodwork.

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