Friday, June 17, 2011

Award winning Chappell Elemetary School celebrates last day of Pre-K!

The Chappell preschool classes rock out to the Beatles while the parents go wild!

We enjoyed a fantastic year at Chappell Elementary's Preschool program in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Lincoln Square. Ms. Esmaili and Mr. Newman's Pre-K classes were a joy and the kids really grew over the year. Our son was in Ms. Esmaili's and Mrs. Monica's class and will be back at Chappell in the fall.

Chappell School received the Illinois Spotlight School Award 2010

Kids and parents received a portfolio of the kids' work through the year! Way to go Ryne!

Make Chappell your neighborhood school. At the time of this writing, the preschool had a waiting list. Contact the school for all registration needs for all grades this fall now!

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