Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Northcenter's Coonley School home sales, prices

Our survey of home prices in top rated and "buzz" elementary schools on the North SideLink continues this week with Northcenter's John C. Coonley School.

About 51 homes sold over the last 12 months in Coonley School district compared to 20 in Bell School District.

The median price was about $700,000.

The highest sale was $1,525,000 and the lowest sale was $167,000 (a foreclosure on Western Ave). Buyers have had much more opportunity to buy in Coonley as the housing stock provides cheaper fixer-up options than the long established and sought after Bell school. This will dry up in the near future and the price gap with Bell will close.

The buzz around Coonley School has been deafening in the real estate community since the school established a Regional Gifted Center in the fall of 2008. It's one of the few districts where we've seen a couple homes bought after 2008 and re-sell this year for MORE than the seller paid without additional renovations. As the buzz has caught on over the last couple years, home buyers with kids have snatched up houses in the district. The school scores very high in achievement categories and continues to win grants and donations.

This included a higher number of tear-down homes, houses on Western Ave and homes needing complete renovation than you'd see in Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School district.

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