Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sold for $775,000: A Lakeview single family home at 2911 Racine

Watch the video!

We closed this single family home listing at 2911 N Racine in Lakeview for $775,000 last week before the holiday. Bob and I were very hands on in preparing the home for sale. Our client was an amazing partner and worked with us on our recommendations throughout the home sale process. We had many showings where people expected an older, beat up house and were surprised at the excellent showing condition. The house was a great value for the buyer in this Lakeview, Lincoln Park border location.

*57 single family homes closed in the Lakeview Community Area from January 1st 2011 to June 30th 2011. The median price was about $950,000 for the area.

Many factors went into pricing this home correctly. Although some comparable sales may seem very close or obvious, a few factors can really swing the demand and market price for a house.

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