Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home buying tips: Rely on subject matter experts for real estate purchase

Chicago home inspector Gene Borov of Accu-Spection discovers some issues with the sump pump at a recent foreclosure purchase.

Bob and I have a good overview of most home buying experiences and help set the expectations for various types of home ownership. We've been through many of our own condo, house and rehab experiences not to mention our clients'. However, we hear agents make statements about homes such as "new roof" or "dry basement" when they really do not know what has been done to the home.

We help clients line up the proper subject matter expert for each situation to save time and money. In the photo above, Gene discovered the float was jammed against the basin wall of the sump pit. He got it started and pumped out a ton of water that was backing up in the system (it was a matter of one more rain and the foreclosure house would have flooded).

We then had a trusted plumber of ours evaluate the system. He noted an overhead sewer system was constructed to prevent city backups. But the sump pump used was not strong enough to keep up with ground water around the large home. It was inadequate for the design.

The clients installed a new industrial pump and back-up system and have enjoyed their dry, finished basement ever since. We brought in the right people quickly so our clients could make good decisions during their purchase.

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