Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Buying Tips: Is the cow included?

Many Chicagoans, and Lincoln Park residents specifically, have seen this famous "Cows on Parade" statue perched over row homes at 310-312 W Dickens. However, if the owner were to sell and you were purchasing the home; is the cow included?

It depends. When writing a purchase contract we ask for any items that appear to be included in the sale...such as attached surround sound speakers, custom shelving systems and cow statues over the door.

When listing a property for sale, we advise clients to remove and/ or replace any personal or attached property they want to move with them. If you want your chandelier or custom shelves, remove and replace them. Even when you state the exclusions in a listing description and at showings they still may be sticking points in a sale negotiation.

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