Thursday, April 12, 2012

First time buyer on the Hudson! Great east Lincoln Park location

Looking north on the 1800 block of North Hudson, Lincoln Park

One of our clients just wrapped up a buy-side deal on a fee-simple town house on the 1800 block of North Hudson.  Not a bad location.  The affordable town home under $350,000 is steps from the lake, restaurants, bars and surrounded by beautiful architecture and multi-million dollar homes.

These small town houses sport new roofs and are affordable relative to this pricey location

The neighbor's full city lot yard adjacent to the town house (just had to post!)

The smart purchase will allow the buyer to live in his #1 location, enjoy the Lincoln Park lifestyle and has room enough for roommates if wanted.  The FEE-SIMPLE property has flexibility as a very attractive rental property demanding top rents should the owner want to hang on to it when moving.  The town home also has parking which is huge in this dense and popular Lincoln Park neighborhood.

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