Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Duplex-up roof top views + location in Lincoln Park

A couple weekends ago our clients were considering a couple three bedrooms "duplex-ups" asking upper $500,000s in the Wrightwood/ Racine area of Lincoln Park.  We took a look at the roof terrace views just off an upper floor family room.

Right behind this particular building is a nearly completed new construction house at the corner of West Drummond Place and North Racine.

This Wrightwood Avenue duplex-up is surrounded by multi-million dollar homes on Lill Street, Wrightwood, Drummond Place and Schubert Avenue.  We like our clients to buy condos surrounded by single family homes if possible.  There is less density, often times better views and the feeling of more space in the surroundings (unless, you are facing the lake!). You can also throw a rock at the newly remodeled Starbucks directly across the street (not that you would, but it's that close).  Our clients' parents warmed up there while we waited for our showing.

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