Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Location! Buyers choose unique West Eugenie Street of Lincoln Park

Public art at Eugenie and Cleveland: All photos Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker

Our buyer clients recently purchased a condo on the 500 block of West Eugenie in Lincoln Park.  The home is set to close in a couple weeks.  The quiet block is located in east Lincoln Park, in the Abraham Lincoln Elementary School district and close to Old Town shopping and restaurants.  The block has a cul du sac feel with several open plaza spaces around a popular church (and home of a huge summer block party!).

St. Michael Church anchors the pedestrian pleasing two block radius

More wide plaza space just east of St. Michael

Vintage buildings dominate the blocks.

The condos at 535 and 545 Eugenie.  Two homes are under contract.

A single family home neighbor on the block

The corner of Eugenie and Cleveland

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