Friday, December 14, 2012

Choose a great block when buying your condo

I had a couple recent showings on the 800 block of West Bradley Place in Lakeview.  The condo building parkways were well landscaped and the buildings looked in great shape. It reminded me again how important each individual block is!
It was a gray day...and this is a camera phone photo.  But, one can see the extensive parkway and front landscape plantings for several adjacent condo buildings on the 800 block of West Bradley Place.

We had a great sense of community and pride of ownership from the block and the properties we saw.  It was easy to imagine getting along well here. The location aesthetic is very important to many buyers (including myself). This value also shows up in the list and selling prices of the homes on great blocks over similar, nearby condos.
Rare: This huge front terrace overlooks the property's own birch trees planted in front. Really nice!

It may sound obvious or even cliche, but we still see buyers swayed by size and bling over a more coveted location - with perhaps - a less luxurious property upon it.  We ask our buyer clients to give good weight to the "feeling" of the location over the general finish level of the condo.

The well designed and cared for terrace next door... maybe a cocktail is in your future with the neighbors?

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