Friday, December 28, 2012

Lincoln Park Single family home sales up 29% for 2012

Our year started and ended with contracts in Lincoln Park... and we'll start off 2013 listing a Landmark District row house in Old Town Triangle.  Let's see how single family home sales (including row houses) did in the popular Chicago Community Area of Lincoln Park this year.
New construction in East Lincoln Park found plenty of buyers this year (Photo, Eric Rojas at North Lincoln Ave, Wisconsin Street and North Lincoln Park West)
 Total Lincoln Park area single family home sales

182 homes have closed from January 1st to December 26th 2012 in Lincoln Park. Only three homes sold for under $500,000 (two were row houses and another a frame home on a small lot of Old Town Triangle).  The median price is about was about $1,250,000.

Unit sales are up 29% over the same period of 2011 (141 units sold).  The median price over the same period in 2011 was also $1,250,000.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The highest closing this year was 1956 N Orchard for $5,300,000...a double lot (50'x124') 7 bedrooms, 6.5 baths 2001 build. 4 homes sold for over $4 million and 5 homes sold for over $3 million. 

The lowest sale was 319 W Concord Place for $412,000.  The small frame home in Old Town Triangle sat on a 24'x98' and did have two outdoor parking spots on the property (included parking can be a rarity in the Triangle especially at this price). Seems like a pretty good deal even if a tear down.  The only minus being that it backed-up to a parking lot for a mid-rise building... but for this east Lincoln Park location, that's no big deal.

Only 11 of the 182 recorded sales were distressed properties (either short sale or REO, bank owned).