Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prairie burn at Winnemac Park in Lincoln Square

The Ravenswood neighborhood in Lincoln Square is home to Winnemac Park.  The unique prairie grass landscaping and plantings are a source of pride for the surrounding neighborhood.

Man made prairie burn at Winnemac Park (photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker
Neighbor Amy Williamson has been involved with the Winnemac Park landscape for many years.  Here, she describes the burn:

This morning, 12/6, landscape crews in Winnemac Park cut and rake prairie plants away from wooden fences in preparation for an upcoming controlled prairie burn.  It is important for prairies to be burned periodically to kill off invasive plants, release nutrients into the soil and to germinate certain types of seeds.  Established prairie plants have long roots and are not harmed by the fires.

Photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker
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